Sylan Edition proposes the music of a great French composer, André Fisichella. This young publishing company created in 2012 takes advantage of the experience of a professional team in the music business, implanted for more than thirty years through the Studio Arion, its current Label.

This team masters all the decisions bound to the management of its catalog. Fruit of the eclectic route of a composer with multiple sources of inspiration, Sylan Edition proposes unique, innovative and singular music to the professionals of the broadcasting and the media.

Artistic choices which lay off the usual tracks, musical biases which knock down the habits. The result is a feeling always present by listening to the music of André : a vision “among visions”.
The passion is alive in every note for this craftsman who reinvents our onirism in its creations.

The one who defines the art as “a subtle transgression” brings us a pure breath of air in a world in search of sense.