TL_Camera Tony Lionni was born in Liverpool 8 in the 1970s into a multi ethnic family based on european and black african roots.
Growing up in a multi cultural family in liverpool which was a mecca for black music during the 70s and having an enthusiastic black music loving father
Tony was exposed to all forms of black music from birth, Soul, funk, jazzfunk etc.

Always looking for the next form of black music Tonys interest in music firmly began when electro arrived to the uk, thus prompting him to dig in his dads record collection looking for records that hip hop artists started sampling.

During the late mid/late 80s tony made the migration to Manchester and became friends with the manchester black music community around the neighbourhood of Manchesters Old trafford area.
For the next 20 years Tony began experimenting writing Hip hop in the 90s and house and returning to house music production several years ago and gained instant success and applause from the likes of francois kevorkian, derrick may etc and signed in the first month major releases with Wave records, freerange and Mule music

After the massive anthem that was Found a place released on Ostgut Ton for Berghain which was voted as one of the top classic house tracks of the decade saw the release of a glorious 12 track album for Freerange records.

Further releases have been for freerange records, defected, Madhouse records, Aesthetic Audio.

His musical style is a perfect fusion of Detroit tinged techno and brooding deep house and has gained him plaudits and support from press and DJs alike.